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At Wine Cellar Racks, we only stock the best and most versatile wine cellar racks. We know that as a serious collector, your wine needs to be properly stored and cellared to maximise the potential of your fine wine and secure your investment. Our range of wine racks come in a range of styles and are designed to cater to a variety of needs to ensure that you find a style, design and aesthetic to suite your specific requirements.


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Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are the most popular type of wine rack. This style of wine rack is not only versatile and visually appealing, but it available in a variety of stains, styles and finishes.


These wooden wine racks are extremely advantageous for any wine enthusiast to display their collection of fine wines and are the perfect solution that will fit seamlessly into any decor or any size space. These wine racks come in a wide range of sizes that are able to hold just a few bottles, to hundreds! No matter the size of your collection, we have a wooden wine cellar rack to suit you and your needs.


Wooden wine racks have the ability to be modular, meaning that it is possible for the rack to grow with your collection. Wooden wine racks from Wine Cellar Racks are not only elegant, but are extremely durable allowing for your wines last a lifetime without breaking.


Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are a unique take on the traditional aesthetic of a wooden wine rack. These wine racks are not only customisable and and stackable, but their metal construction means that they are sturdy and durable.  They are also cost efficient.


Metal wine racks allow for you to store and display your wine collection is a secure and modern way! This wine rack is a great addition to your existing wine cellar as it can seamlessly blend into your existing decor.


Wall mounted wine racks are made of metal.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Wood and Metal wine racks are a unique and sophisticated blend of traditional wooden racks, and modern sturdy wine racks. These wood and metal wine racks have not reinforced metal to enforce the durability of the rack, keeping your wine stored securely for years to come without the risk of breaking a precious bottle of red.



Bordex Wine Rack

Bordex wine racks are not only secure and affordable, but they allow you the freedom to grow your wine rack with your collection. These wine racks are made from a hardwood timber and steel and are available in a wide range of sizes.


With a range of accessories that are available, such as corner segments, your Bordex wine rack can fit in a wide range of unusual places, such as a cupboard or your storage space under the stairs.



At Wine Cellar Racks, we stock the incredible Modularack. This wine rack is a unique wine rack that not is not only sturdy and reliable, but its design has been made for simple assembly, there are tools or glue needed!
The Modularack is precisely made so that the components simply slot together and is completely customisable.


The design of the Modularack has also been specially designed to always keep the cork of the wine moist to reduce the chance of corkage and will not rip or ruin the wine labels, keeping them in optimum condition for as long as possible.



Stakrax is an exclusive wine rack that is able to be assembled and reconfigured in a range of different shapes to suite any size space and that is able to grow with your wine collection.


It is made from an industrial grade polypropylene that is rust-proof and will not be in danger of being eaten by insects. This makes the Stakrax ideal for damp cellars and long term use.


It is quick and easy to assemble, will not destroy the labels of your wine collection and can store many popular Champagne and sparkling white wine bottles




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When you purchase your wine rack from Wine Cellar Racks, you can be assured that no matter the size of your collection, your space restrictions or your preferred storage material, we have the right wine rack for you!


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1. How do I know what wine rack is right for me?
When you are creating a space to store and age your wine, there are a few factors to take into consideration to ensure that you are making the most of your wine collection storage. When thinking of your wine cellar storage, you need to think about how many wine bottles you would like to store and how fast you intend to grow your collection. It is also important to think about if your wine cellar is in plain sight, or hidden away. If you are wanting to display your wine collection for guests to see, then choosing a wine rack that will coincide with your existing decor to seamlessly blend into your aesthetic. The location of your wine cellar is also important. If you are storing your collection in a damp area, then you need to consider if the type of material is sturdy and can withstand wet conditions. When you are aware of your objectives, it is easier to evaluate what type of wine rack is right for you!
2. How can I look after my wine racks?
Most wine racks require little to no maintenance at all. It is advised for you to regularly dust and wipe down your wine rack for the purpose of overall upkeep, and this will also help you to regularly maintain your inventory. It is also recommended that you check the condition of your rack, the wall fixing and ensure that all clips are securely in place to keep your wines safe and reduce the chance of breakage.