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At Wine Cellar Racks we provide Australia’s most sophisticated and highest quality wine racks, port barrels and wine cellar accessories. You can bring a little class to your home, bar or wine cellar with our wide range of metal, plastic and wooden wine racks!


If you are looking for an Australian based online service that supplies the best quality port barrels, Wine Cellar Racks will deliver. We have an excellent selection of American Oak Port Barrels that are professionally handcrafted and styled with brass taps to give an authentic rustic touch. Our port barrels make excellent gifts, prizes and are great for businesses. They are no doubt, essential additions to making any social event more enjoyable.


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Our port barrels allow you to engage in the age-old tradition of port barrel ageing. You can store your favourite port or fortified or enjoy experimenting by learning how to make your own blend that is exclusive and unique to you.  You can also use our barrels to mature younger cheaper ports to suite your own taste. 


We supply a variety of port barrel sizes, from 2 Litres to 25 Litres you can store a generous supply of your best tasting wine all year round. We provide instructions on how to get started and provide some initial recipies. You may like to search the net to see what great recipes others may be making or get you inspired to create your own wine blend!


At Wine Cellar Racks we assure you get:


· The best quality American oak port barrels for storing your port.

· An easy and professional online service that delivers to your specific needs.

· An enhanced drinking experience that you can share with family, friends and any social events.

·The means to experiment and develop your own unique wine blends.



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To get your hands on our port barrels is simple! You can contact our expert staff and they will be pleased to discuss the best option from our wide collection of port barrels that is right for you.  Or you can order online with a few easy and simple steps.  Estimated standard shipping time ranges from 3 to 7 days when you order within Australia. 


Buy from our online store today and you can elevate your drinking experience! Our friendly and professional staff are available to chat on weekdays from 9am to 5pm AEST, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm AEST. Or you can send us a message by filling out our simple and easy contact form.


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1. How often to do I need to top up my port barrel?
You should top up your barrel according to how much you use. If you use your port barrel infrequently, it is advised to top up with a younger wine. However, if you use your barrel frequently, it is best to top up with a mature wine. It is also best that the barrel is filled no less than 1/3 of the total volume. Keep in mind that it is normal for a new barrel to absorb more wine in the beginning.
2. How do I clean my barrel?
For the outside of your barrel all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust. The inside on the other hand does not need to be cleaned unless in any rare case, there is an excessive build-up of residue. If this occurs it is advised to drain the port into a container, use water to rinse the inside of the barrel out and then repour your port back into the barrel so you can use it as normal again.
3. How often should I taste my barrel wine?
It is best to taste your port barrel often. This is advised especially when using a new barrel as oak can flavour the wine more strongly in a shorter amount of time, compared to an older one. The size of the barrel and the cellar conditions, such as the temperature and humidity will affect the taste of your wine. For instance, a small barrel will need to be tasted more often than a larger barrel.
4. How do I store an empty barrel for long periods?
It is advised that the barrel should not be filled less than 1/3 of the total volume. However it is best to keep the barrel around half full.
5. How much port should I keep in my port barrel?
It is advised that the barrel should not be filled less than 1/3 of the total volume. However it is best to keep the barrel around half full.
6. What if my port barrel seeps?
It is completely normal for port barrels to experience a small amount of seepage in humid climates.
7. What are your shipping costs and how do I pay?
Shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process. For heavier and bigger items, a quotation for freight will be given before you pay. Customers are ensured their payment will not be processed until they approve of the cost of freight and agree to proceed with the order. For more information about shipping please visit: https://www.winecellarracks.com.au/index.php/sthhipping