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Wine Cellar Racks provides Australia’s most refined and high quality wine racks, port barrels and wine cellar accessories to meet all your needs!


For those who take pleasure in collecting wine and are looking for efficient ways to store and organise your bottles, Wine Cellar Racks has your convenient solutions! We supply a great selection of cellar accessories such as bottle tags, chrome wine glass rack kits and the best wine preservers so you can enhance your wine drinking experience.



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Our bottle tags in particular are a popular choice to manage different types of wine. When storing bottles, especially a large collection, it can be frustrating and time consuming trying to find the specific wine you are looking for. That is why our bottle tags are a useful and cost-effective investment to save time and help you identify your wines easily without disturbing them.  You can colour coordinate them to distinguish your red and white wines, note on them and reuse them as many times as you want!


At Wine Cellar Racks we also stock and supply chrome wine glass racks kits to allow you to hang your tasting glasses in your kitchen or bars in classy manner.  And if you can’t finish your wine bottle, we can provide you with 'Private Preserve' wine preserver that is rated number one worldwide! This will help keep your open wine fresh, prevent them from oxidising and preserve their taste for days, weeks, and months. Best of all, our cellar accessories will get you great value for your purchase!


At Wine Cellar Racks you can enjoy the wine lifestyle to the maximum with our stylish and expedient cellar accessories. We will assure you:


·         Professional solutions for organising and storing your wine in style.

·         Great value for purchase.

·         The number one rated wine preserver worldwide.

·         A selection of wine tag kits to suit your organisational needs.

·         Classy chrome racks kits to hang your tasting glasses.

·         Easy online ordering process with fast shipping.


So, if you are looking for the perfect wine storage solution Wine Cellar Racks is the store for you! Contact our expert staff today and we will give you professional advice on the best options in keeping your collection well-organised and looking stylish. Or you can head straight and order online with a few easy and simple steps.  Any orders made within Australia will be shipped, with standard shipping time ranging from 3 to 7 days.


At Wine Cellar Racks we offer a wide range of pieces and designs to store and organise your wine, and bring a touch of elegance to you! Most of all we work to meet your specific requirements and cater to any home and business.



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1. How long can wine be stored for?
Generally, red wines are aging wines and white wines are drinking wines. Furthermore when complex red wines are stored properly, they can last for decades or even centuries. This is usually because red wines have a higher tannin concentration.
2. How long does wine preserver keep my opened wine fresh?
At Wine Cellar Racks we offer ‘Private Preserve’ the best wine preserver. Rated number one worldwide and supported by the world’s most well-known critics, this preserver keeps your wine fresh for days, weeks or even months and prevents the wine from oxidising preserving the taste! It is easy to use, 100% safe and you will also get great value with over 120 uses from just one can.
3. What are your shipping costs and how do I pay?
Shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process. For heavier and bigger items, a quotation for freight will be given before you pay. Customers are ensured their payment will not be processed until they approve of the cost of freight and agree to proceed with the order. For more information about shipping please visit: https://www.winecellarracks.com.au/index.php/sthhipping
4. Can I store white wine and champagne in the same cellar with red wine?
Yes, both white and red wines require similar storage conditions. However it is best to refrigerate for at least 45 minutes prior to serving.